Press Kit


Origin: Sweden

Genre: Thai Music / Thai Country Music - Lookthung

Years Active: 2000 - Present

Number of Albums: 9



Jonas Anderson is known in Thailand as “the farang [white guy] who sings in Thai”. Originally from Sweden, Jonas Anderson has earned wide-spread popularity and acceptance ever since bursting onto the Thai music scene in the year 2000, singing the unique and challenging local style of music known as lookthung – Thailand’s version of country or folk music. He has released nine successful albums so far, attesting to his enduring appeal with the Thai audience. Jonas Anderson bears the unique status of being able to connect with a broad spectrum of demographics of varied ages and backgrounds from up-country farmers to high society Bangkokians. As a foreigner popular in Thailand, he has also been able to bridge the renowned barrier between East and West, even the seemingly impassible divide of cultural diversity.

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