Global Media

The unique element of a foreigner singing in Thai, and not just that, but even singing the complex and challenging Thai musical style of lookthung has drawn immense interest from the media and resulted in Jonas Anderson gaining wide-spread coverage in all of the major Thai newspapers, television programs and radio stations. There seemed to be a genuine appreciation for this effort by a non-Thai to embrace the Thai culture, music and language. Time has proven that this effort is genuine rather than simply a public relations strategy, so support from the Thai media continues to be strong and consistent.


The buzz surrounding Jonas Anderson’s entry to the Thai music scene has even drawn the interest of the international media and resulted in his being featured in many prestigious media agencies, organizations and publications.


He has been covered by both Reuters and AP for television and print media and:


In print media, including:

  • Time Magazine

  • International Herald Tribune

  • Far Eastern Economic Review


On international TV stations including:

  • CNN

  • BBC

  • CNBC

  • MTV

  • Channel V

  • ABC Australia

  • NHK Japan

  • Fuji TV Japan


On radio stations like:

  • Voice of America

  • Canadian Radio


He has also been featured in all of the major Swedish newspapers and many magazines including Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet, Expressen, Dam, etc.


Major Swedish television and radio stations have interviewed Jonas numerous times, even having Jonas with a backup team of Thai dancers and musicians perform live on Sweden's premier morning news TV program on TV4: “Nyhetsmorgon”. This represents the first time a Thai lookthung artist has performed on live TV overseas. He appeared on the same show again in 2016.


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